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Silicon Valley Youth Bridge

2018 Firecracker Youth Day

Firecracker Sectional
Santa Clara Convention Center
June 27-July 1, 2018

Saturday June 30 was “Youth Day” at this year’s Firecracker Sectional. The tournament featured two special 0-5 point beginner pair games, in which many SiVY Youth competed. There was also a special pizza party between sessions for youth players – and 30 in total attended. The latest SiVY player to achieve Life Master, Daniel Sonner, was acknowledged by SiVY President Randy Ryals at the start of the day’s games.

The Newcomer Games provided a venue for our pizza party and summer camp players to try out their first tournament. 16 of the 28 players were SiVY participants, with two of them having just learned bridge the prior week at camp!

Winners both direction in 10 a.m. session were SiVY partnerships. High Schoolers Elijah Schacter and Darren Chin paired up for the first time, scoring an unprecedented 85% in the 16 board contest. Two of the youngest SiVY players (3rd/4th grade!), Kayden Ge and Charlie Chen, won their direction with a 61%.

Brother and sister duo, Kian and Kimir, enjoyed their first tournament experience. Kian leaned bridge through one of the SiVY after school programs and then taught his sister Kimir to play so they could partner. Good friends Yarah Tehrani and Dash Dropmann attended the afternoon session as partners. Their sum total bridge prior experience had been 4 half-days at SiVY summer camp!

Between sessions youth from the 0-5 and the other games were invited to enjoy lunch outside under the trees. About 30 young players participated in the pizza party, some discussing hands and others just enjoying spending time with their friends.

Throughout the tournament there was healthy youth representation. According to Lynn Yokel, Head Director, there were more than 60 youth entries sold in addition to the 16 who played in the free-of-charge newcomer games.