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SiVY Players Score Big in District 21 Masterpoint Races

The McKenney Trophy was established in 1938 to recognize the ACBL member who wins the most masterpoints during a calendar year. The race was renamed the Top 500 in 1982 and the Barry Crane Top 500 in 1986. In 1974 the ACBL Board of Directors voted to recognize masterpoint achievements among players below the rank of Life Master. Thus were born the MiniMcKenney races.

As of October 6, in the District 21 MiniMcKenney contests, eleven SiVY players are currently ranking in the top 10 for their category. Regular partners Sarah Youngquist and Cornelius Duffie are leading the race in their respective categories – and founding volunteer Kevin Rosenberg is leading in his group.

Cornelius and Sarah were part of the Bay Area High School Championship winning team this year and have also done well at a number of local tournaments. Kevin starting out his year by winning a Regional Pairs event partnered with his mom and has since won 3 other Regional Knockout Team events. He also was part of the 2nd place Collegiate Championship Team and participated in the World Championships in Italy.

Another noteworthy MiniMcKenney result is in the Youth (19 and under) race in District 21 all of the top 10 and 19 of the top 20 players are SiVY youth. See a summary of the SiVY youth players in the MiniMcKenney. Congrats to all!

MiniMcKenney Masterpoint Race
District 21 Youth (19 and under) as of October 6, 2016

SiVY Players in the Top 10 MiniMcKenney for their masterpoint category as of October 6, 2016

0-5 Points
(7) Jonathan Youngquist
(8) Jonathan Yue

5-20 Points
(1) Sarah Youngquist
(8) Olivia D’Arezzo

20-50 Points
(1) Cornelius Duffie
(3) Arthur Zhou
(4) David Zheng

50-100 Points
(6) Rory Xiao
(7) Kevin Huang

200-300 Points 1000-1500 Points
(6) Michael Hu (1)Kevin Rosenberg