Silicon Valley Youth Bridge Center for Bridge Education

The Newsletter of Silicon Valley Youth Bridge

President's Corner

Over the past few months, many of us who were formerly of the opinion that “I’ll never play bridge online” have evolved our thinking. No, it’s not the same as being at the club or at a tournament with cards in our hands, socializing between rounds and after the game. But it is, at a minimum, better than nothing. And it’s certainly a safe way to pass time and stay connected with the game we love and our fellow players.

In the youth bridge world we have also evolved our thinking. At first we wondered if maybe holding youth events live would be safe. But we quickly realized that wasn’t the case. So we embarked upon revisiting first our Casual Friday events and later our Pizza Parties, creating virtual versions. Like adult bridge, these were not the same as their in-person versions, but most assuredly worthwhile.

Most recently, the ACBL held their first youth event of the pandemic, the Virtual Youth North American Bridge Championship (NABC). Yes you guessed it, not the same as the “real” NABC, but still reportedly fun for those who attended.

And last but not least in the list of bridge activities held online, in May we honored the wonderful SiVY volunteers. The event combined a Zoom “party” and prize drawing with an individual game on BBO. It made for a fitting celebration of the organization’s accomplishments, which are made possible only because of the work of these dedicated folks.

Enjoy the newsletter, stay safe, and keep enjoying online bridge!
Randy Ryals
President, SiVY Bridge