Silicon Valley Youth Bridge

2016 Youth NABC Sponsorships

2016 Youth NABC

July 28-30, 2016
Washington DC


Benefits of Attending

  • A way to meet and form relationships with other aspiring youth players from around the country
  • An opportunity for improving your bridge skills while playing in a large group of other kids at similar levels
  • A chance to compete for scholarships and other prizes


There is now a waitlist for sponsorships (see info at end of "Other details").

  • We're pleased to announce that we can offer more scholarships until June 1st.
  • Those previously on the waiting list will be guaranteed a sponsorship.
  • Apply for a sponsorship


Training sessions are open to youths that have been accepted into our Sponsorship Program.

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Training photos

Last Year's Program

SiVY Kids at this year's Youth NABC
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The Youth North American Bridge Championships (Youth NABC) is the premier event for aspiring youth bridge players in the U.S. SiVY Bridge is offering sponsorships that will help aspiring players participate in this year's event. We offer financial support as well as opportunities to meet other players who plan to attend and learn the game with them.

SiVY Bridge sponsorship includes:

To be eligible for the sponsorship, the applicant must:

  1. Be an ACBL member.

  2. Be from District 21.

  3. Be an active participant in Silicon Valley Youth Bridge (e.g. attends events, is in an after school program, and/or participated in summer camp).

  4. Be a youth 19 years of age and under.

  5. Apply for the program before June 1, 2016.

  6. Play at least four of the youth sessions at the Youth NABC.

  7. Provide Silicon Valley Youth Bridge a brief statement, testimonial, or quote after Youth NABC describing their experience.

Other details:

  • The applicant (or their parent) is responsible for ensuring transportation, accommodations, appropriate parental supervision or permissions.

  • Sponsorships are limited to no more than 20.  In the event that there be more than 20 qualified applicants, the first 20 qualified will be sponsored.

  • In general, the monetary award will be paid after the nationals, however an exception may be made if circumstances dictate.

  • There is now a waitlist for sponsorships. If you are interested in attending, we still encourage you to apply. There may be cancellations, or additional funding may become available. If no funding opens up, and you are able to attend without the aid of the travel stipend, you are welcome to be part of the SiVY program, including attending coaching sessions. It is the $500 stipends which were limited to 20 qualified applicants.

  • Acknowledgement of receipt of application can be expected within 30 days of completed application.